Chris grew up in the suburbs of Chicago in the latter half of the 1980's & the first half of the 1990's. His mother likes to brag that he "drew a recognizable stick figure at 18 months old."

He can typically be found at smaller conventions, selling prints of his fan art, and is usually available for commissions, and has done everything from portraits to wedding invitations; all in his distinctive cartoony style.


He began creating his own comics early on, though usually the characters were very similar to the Marvel & DC characters of which he was such a fan. But as he grew older and experimented with different art styles, he began to create more and more original characters. Eventually, in his mid-teens, he began to develop the Japanese anime style he uses to this day (which he still hones, even in his late-thirties). 


He has illustrated a children's book, currently on sale for Amazon Kindle, has contributed a pin-up for an upcoming independent graphic novel, and has been refining his own comic book series for almost 20 years.